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8kw Off Grid Pv Inverter
  • 8kw Off Grid Pv Inverter8kw Off Grid Pv Inverter

8kw Off Grid Pv Inverter

8kw off Grid Pv Inverter:ISOLAR INVERTER The company organizes production in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, controls the production process, and strengthens the quality control of products;Advanced SPC, TQM / TQC testing methods are adopted to ensure product quality meets international standards and customer requirements; strengthen pollution control during production and construction, fully implement clean production, and take efficient resource utilization and circular economy utilization to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

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Product Description

As a professional high quality 8kw Off Grid Pv Inverter manufacture, you can rest assured to buy 8kw Off Grid Pv Inverter from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. ISOLAR INVERTER 8kw off Grid Pv Inverter DPM series of high-power and high-efficiency intelligent reverse control all-in-one machine, which adopts the world's advanced DSP full digital control and processing technology and IGBT high-frequency pulse width modulation technology.The application of dual-transformation online extension structure makes the inverter input frequency tracking, phase locking, voltage stabilization and filter noise ability better, the power grid fluctuation anti-interference ability is more stable, integrated MPPT reverse control module, higher power generation efficiency, data management,and view is more convenient.

MTBF has more than 300,000 hours, providing users with more durable and stable electrical equipment. Output isolation and static switching module make the inverter have extremely high protection ability, while the inverter has low voltage, high pressure, overload, over temperature and other protection.

8kw off Grid Pv Inverter Features and Application

1.7-inch touch display control screen, to bring users a more intuitive human-machine exchange platform;

2. Online can modify the input voltage range, output voltage, battery voltage, controller output, output current and other parameters;

3.Power generation statistics, daily, monthly and whole year power generation;

4.Provide a variety of working modes, suitable for different environmental conditions to use;

5.Integrated MPPT controller module, improve the power generation efficiency of the same component by more than 25%;

6.The application of Texas Instruments TMS320F28335 chip, compared with the previous fixed-point DSP, the device has high accuracy, low power consumption, high performance, high integration degree of peripherals, large data and program reserves, A / D conversion is more accurate and fast;

7.The application of the fifth generation of Japan Mitsubishi Corporation efficient IPM intelligent module, efficient and stable performance, with powerful protection function, short circuit, overload, over-temperature protection is more safe and reliable, the service life can be more than 15 years;

8.The application of 7 inch DGUS touch screen LCD, give users the most intuitive graphical interface, the operation is easy to understand;

9.The application of German Ximenkang brand SCR, to provide the inverter with more efficient training ground rectification and more stable and rapid switching;

10.The application of Jianghai brand bolt type electrolytic capacitor, with high reliability and high ripple current resistance;

11.The application of deep customized copper shaft core double shaft fan, to ensure the effect of heat dissipation and prolong the life of the fan;

12.The application of pure copper military technology three-phase transformer, output without distortion, higher efficiency, higher insulation level;

Working principles of the 8kw off Grid Pv Well

Working principle: 

This product set of solar charge and discharge control function, in the configuration of solar modules, battery and connection cable can form a complete solar power generation system, as long as the solar lighting to the place, you can use yu power generation system, suitable for indoor installation, suitable for power grid can not cover area living electricity, the field work temporary electricity, communication power supply, etc.

This product is suitable for indoor installation, suitable for residential electricity consumption in areas that cannot be covered by the power grid, for the field operation of temporary power supply, communication power supply, wind power, photovoltaic, wind and solar complementary off-grid power generation system, coastal islands, remote mountainous areas, border posts and other unmanned areas of power supply.

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