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30kw On Grid Pv Inverter
  • 30kw On Grid Pv Inverter30kw On Grid Pv Inverter

30kw On Grid Pv Inverter

30kw on Grid Pv Inverter: ISOLAR INVERTER With professional technical equipment, perfect service system and stable product quality, the company has now passed the 1S09001:2008 quality system certification, and has successively obtained the CE, BIS, ROHS and other product certification,INVERTER ISOLAR Products are exported to the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and other more than 50 countries in the world, with continuous innovation, excellent product quality and professional standard service platform, for the company has won the unanimous trust of customers at home and abroad.We are committed to become the solar industry first-class enterprises, with green environmental protection, safe and reliable, stable power supply, economy, based on the new energy field, with responsibility, pragmatic attitude to serve every customer, with strong service technical force, clear division of professional team to provide quality energy storage products and guarantee product long-term stable operation, to provide customers with comprehensive solutions, build industry famous top brand, ISOLAR INVERTER welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiations.

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Product Description

You can rest assured to buy 30kw On Grid Pv Inverter from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. ISOLAR INVERTER The maximum output power of 30KW inverter reaches 30720W, the maximum efficiency can reach 98.7%, the MPPT voltage range is 250V-960V, and the protection level is IP65 to meet various indoor and outdoor environments.At the same time, China ISOLAR INVERTER in order to enrich customers' different requirements for configuration, the new inverter can be equipped with WIFI module, DC surge protector, AC surge protector, built-in photovoltaic junction box, etc.

In terms of technology, we can solve the problem that multiple inverters are connected to the same parallel network, the inverter is easy to shock, and can not operate stably, and the AC output can automatically identify the phase sequence of the power grid, which is convenient for customer wiring. At present, the model has been sold to dozens of foreign countries of the network certification, fully applicable to home power stations, commercial power stations and large ground power stations.

Product Parameter (Specification) of 30kw on Grid Pv Inverter 

Photovoltaic grid-connected power generation is an inevitable trend of solar energy development, and the core of photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system is grid-connected inverter. The working principle of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is analyzed, and the mathematical model of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is built.The double closed-loop control strategy of current inner loop and voltage outer loop is proposed, and the simulation model of 30kW photovoltaic grid-connected inverter is set up under the Matlab / Simulink simulation environment. Simulation results show that the model can achieve maximum power tracking and unit power factor.

Main technical parameters

Rated power


The input

The input voltage


Optional voltage range



Rated voltage (V)   


The output

Rated output power (W)


Maximum output power (W)


Maximum output current (A)


Total current waveform distortion rate


Maximum efficiency


The basic parameters

Operating temperature range (°C)


Relative humidity


Maximum working altitude (m)


The human-computer interaction


Protection grade


30kw On Grid Pv Inverter Feature And Application

30kw on Grid Pv Inverter
The working principle of the inverter: the electric energy generated by the photovoltaic modules first passes through the DC filter to suppress the high-frequency signal conduction interference, and the electrolytic capacitor stores energy to keep the DC voltage stable. The three-phase full-bridge inverter unit converts the DC power to the same frequency as the power grid. , The AC power of the same phase is filtered by a filter to generate a sine wave AC power, and after being electrically isolated by an isolation transformer, the power is fed to the power grid after the AC filter suppresses the conduction interference of high-frequency signals.

The Best Solar Panels for Portable Solar Generators

The PV on-grid power generation system consists of PV modules, PV combiner boxes, PV on-grid inverters, metering device and power distribution system. The energy of solar energy is converted into DC power through PV modules, and then the DC power is converted into sine wave AC power with the same frequency and phase of the grid through the on-grid inverter power supply and input to the grid.

It can work with solar panels as a complete PV system, using sunlight to generate electricity, saving you a lot of electricity bills, 10kw on Grid Pv Inverter, this series of solar inverter systems are widely used in homes, farms, schools, shops Wait, is your good choice.

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