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15kw On Grid Pv Inverter
  • 15kw On Grid Pv Inverter15kw On Grid Pv Inverter

15kw On Grid Pv Inverter

15kw on Grid Pv Inverter:ISOLAR INVERTER is a Chinese high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of power supply and energy products. ISOLAR INVERTER main product have on grid inverter、Pure sine-wave inverter、Explosion-proof inverter、Solar controller、Photovoltaic water pump inverter、Wind-solar complementary controller、Photovoltaic reverse control integrated machine、solar panels ect.ISOLAR INVERTER product quality assurance system is perfect, the implementation of comprehensive, full staff, the whole process of quality control, strict test before leaving the factory, INVERTER ISOLAR the performance is better than the relevant standards, to ensure the safe and reliable use of users. The company has passed ISO9001, EU CE safety certification and a series of perfect authoritative certification. The ISOLAR INVERTER illuminates every corner of the world.

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Product Description

15kw on Grid Pv Inverter  ISOLAR INVERTER product 15KW ON Grid Inverter Full capacity, full power, with load power true not boast, high quality products are guaranteed, it can be through solar panels and power conductor switch device on and off, the dc energy into ac energy, switching characteristics of circuit using semiconductor power device, the control circuit periodically to switch pulse control signal, control each power device inturn conduction and off, after the transformer root boost or step down, plastic filter output meet the requirements of the ac. 

Product Parameter (Specification) of 15kw on Grid Pv Inverter 

15kw on Grid Pv Inverter

Rated power


The input

The input voltage


Optional voltage range

90-80VAC(Single phase)

 Frequency range                          

50HZ/60Hz(Automatic identification)

The output

Ac voltage regulation (Battery mode)

three-phase380VAC±5%/Single phase230VAC±5%

Power surge


Efficiency (peak)


Conversion time

10ms(For personal computers)
20ms(For household appliances)


Pure sine wave

The battery pack

The battery voltage


Float charging voltage


The overcharge protection


Solar charging & Grid charging

Maximum grid charging current

60AEvery road

Maximum PV configuration power


MPPT operating voltage range


Maximum PV charging voltage


Maximum PV charging current


The environment


5%-95%Relative humidity (non-cold chain)

Working temperature


Storage temperature



15kw on Grid Pv Inverter Feature And Application

1.Performance, with dual single-chip chip intelligent control
2.String wave output, can drive different types of load, high work efficiency, very low loss
3.Visualize the operating status of the device through a digital LCD display (with solar power generation display)
4.Input voltage wide range, output, with automatic voltage stabilization, can be easily installed in walls, electric room, roof
5.Battery type and charging current can be set to correspond to different battery types of charging, power supply
6.Can meet the needs of different users, can set the mains priority mode, energy saving mode and battery priority mode
7.Protection function (battery overvoltage, undervoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection)

Product Details

The working principle of the inverter: the electric energy generated by the photovoltaic modules first passes through the DC filter to suppress the high-frequency signal conduction interference, and the electrolytic capacitor stores energy to keep the DC voltage stable. The three-phase full-bridge inverter unit converts the DC power to the same frequency as the power grid. , The AC power of the same phase is filtered by a filter to generate a sine wave AC power, and after being electrically isolated by an isolation transformer, the power is fed to the power grid after the AC filter suppresses the conduction interference of high-frequency signals.

The Best Solar Panels for Portable Solar Generators

The PV on-grid power generation system consists of PV modules, PV combiner boxes, PV on-grid inverters, metering device and power distribution system. The energy of solar energy is converted into DC power through PV modules, and then the DC power is converted into sine wave AC power with the same frequency and phase of the grid through the on-grid inverter power supply and input to the grid.

It can work with solar panels as a complete PV system, using sunlight to generate electricity, saving you a lot of electricity bills, 15kw on Grid Pv Inverter, this series of solar inverter systems are widely used in homes, farms, schools, shops Wait, is your good choice.

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