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10kw Off Grid Pv Inverter
  • 10kw Off Grid Pv Inverter10kw Off Grid Pv Inverter

10kw Off Grid Pv Inverter

You can rest assured to buy 10kw Off Grid Pv Inverter from our factory. ISOLAR INVERTER Is a focus on photovoltaic system products research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, headquarters and research and development base set up in Zhejiang Taizhou, Zhejiang, ISOLAR INVERTER since its establishment, always adhere to the talent-based, integrity management principle, industry elite, the foreign advanced information technology, management methods and enterprise experience and domestic and foreign enterprises, China ISOLAR INVERTER provide comprehensive solutions for the solar industry, the photovoltaic industry always remain competitive in the fierce market competition, to achieve rapid and stable development.

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Product Description

The following is the introduction of high quality 10kw Off Grid Pv Inverter, hoping to help you better understand 10kw Off Grid Pv Inverter. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future! Newest ISOLAR 10kw Off Grid Pv Inverter well produced with high performance, high reliability, strong load capacity, perfect protection and intelligent charging management functions, suitable for DC voltage 12V,24V,48V inverter power applications; ISOLAR INVERTER can provide reliable sine wave power for business, household, workstations, home appliances, air conditioning equipment, single-phase power equipment, industrial equipment and so on. Can also be called solar and wind energy inverter power supply, in short, it is a powerful, applicable to a wide range of intelligent power frequency inverter power supply. 

A Mains power: usually, the battery string is charged by the controller through solar or wind power generation, and then the battery string is output by the inverter for load use; When the solar or wind power does not generate power and the battery string is under voltage, the inverter automatically switches to the mains and directly supplies power to the load. At the same time, the battery string is charged to continuously power the load and maintain the service life of the battery.

B Without mains power: Normally, the battery string is charged by the controller through solar or wind power generation, and then the battery string is output to the inverter for load use. When the solar or wind power fails to charge the battery string and the battery string is undervoltage,ISOLAR INVERTER automatically shuts down to protect the battery. When the solar or wind power generation charges the battery string until the battery string voltage becomes normal, the inverter automatically starts and outputs the inverter for loads.

10kw off Grid Pv Inverter Features and Application

1.High performance, strong load capacity with the most advanced inverter technology in the United States, high quality power supply, adapt to all kinds of loads, such as motors, air conditioning, electric drill, fluorescent lamp, gas lamp and other household appliances, communication equipment, industrial equipment.

2.High reliability: It adopts advanced technology and redundant design, and is equipped with power frequency transformer, controlled by CPU, carefully manufactured with high-quality components, stable performance, high reliability, after-sales rate is not higher than 1/3000.

3.Perfect protection with input overvoltage and undervoltage protection; Output overload, overcurrent, short circuit protection; The whole machine overtemperature protection, can resist large current start load impact.

4.Friendly interface: LCD/LED display: working status, mains voltage, output voltage, battery power, frequency, load rate, fault and other information clear; And acousto-optic fault alarm, indicating fault and other functions.

5.Simple operation an intelligent switch machine, high degree of automation, easy to operate.

6.A machine equipped with automatic charging technology of large current charger, fast charging speed, stable floating charging voltage, and charging current can be 0-70A adjustable, three stages of charging (constant current charging (constant current stage) → constant voltage charging (constant voltage stage) → floating charge (constant voltage stage)), so as to effectively protect the battery.

7.The structure is simple, the functional parts of a machine adopt modular design, simple structure, easy maintenance.

8.High efficiency, energy saving no-load current, in the case of energy saving.

9.Intelligent battery management an intelligent battery monitoring and management system, strengthen battery monitoring, prolong battery life and utilization rate. DC power supply circuit lower limit protection design, when the DC power supply is below the protection voltage, the inverter will automatically turn off.

Working principles of the 10kw off Grid Pv Well

1.AC main supply: 

This is a sine wave inverter with charging function. When the mains is normal, the mains directly charges the battery pack; when the mains is abnormal or power is off, the battery pack is output by the inverter through the inverter for load power supply.

2.DC main supply: 

This is a sine wave inverter with the mains backup charging function. When the battery pack voltage is normal, the battery pack is output by the inverter to supply the load. When the battery pack is under voltage, it is automatically switched to the mains to directly supply the load, and also charges the battery pack.

This product is suitable for indoor installation, suitable for residential electricity consumption in areas that cannot be covered by the power grid, for the field operation of temporary power supply, communication power supply, wind power, photovoltaic, wind and solar complementary off-grid power generation system, coastal islands, remote mountainous areas, border posts and other unmanned areas of power supply.

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